Getting Ready – NY Times 30-Day Well Challenge

Move. Nourish. Refresh. Connect.
~ Four Simple Words to Help You Live Well, NY Times

What better time to start a new challenge program than in the dead of winter. The New York Times has started a 30-Day Well Challenge that I have decided to start. The key theme are movement, nourish, fresh and connect. The next group starts tomorrow.

The first task is to write a letter to yourself to make a commitment to complete each task. In this challenge I it is my intention to continue to make small incremental changes to build on the success that I have had so far. This could be finding new exercises, some new mindfulness techniques to get through the stress of my work or even some new eating tips. 

I am not going to commit to blogging each of the days, I already have #365Grateful going. But if there are new an interesting ideas that I find worth sharing, I will make time to write about them here.