What Caught My Eye This Week

Martin Luther King


The most authentic way to honor my father is to commit to the work of creating a more peaceful, just, humane world. Let quotes coincide with conscious efforts to eradicate poverty, militarism and racism (privilege + power = oppressive policies + culture).
~ Bernice King on the 50th anniversary of her father’s assassination.

Following a request from the Toronto Pride Society, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders announced this week that the force would withdraw its application to participate in this year’s pride parade.  Deputy Chief Barbara McLean was on CBC’s Metro Morning this week to speak about the force’s strained strained relationship with the LGBT community in recent years. While the Chief is taking steps to repair the relationship, the service still faces allegations of systemic racism from Black Lives Matter and the community’s grief and anger at the disappearances and deaths of gay men of colour from the gay village at the hands of accused serial killer Bruce McArthur.  Eric Bergman, posted an insightful blog sharing his thoughts on how Deputy Chief McLean performed and how she could have sent a better message.

Daniel Pink was on the 10 Percent Happier podcast, talking about managing time and the best time to do certain tasks. For example, when it comes to working out, first thing in the morning is best for losing weight, building a habit and getting a mood boost. If your goals are different, later in the day is better for avoiding injury and it’s more enjoyable and performance may be later. He also talks about the optimum time to do tasks, like having meetings, when our energy levels can be more effective. Our cognitive abilities and performance change in a predictable way throughout the day, peak (morning), trough (early-mid afternoon) and recovery (late afternoon and evening).

The debate also continues over Sinclair media’s requirement for local anchors to read editorial comments on media bias. On Friday, the New York Times podcast, The Daily, explored the implications for journalistic freedom and media concentration.

What I am listening to.

Janelle Monáe – Make Me Feel

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