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During the match, fans chanted the offensive and unacceptable homophobic slur. We unequivocally condemn the use of this slur or any type at our matches. Security was able to identify a few individuals using the chant and remove them from the stadium during yesterday’s match. Any individuals that chant this offensive slur at StubHub Center will be removed from the facility immediately and subject to a stadium ban.
~ Statement to Outsports from Los Angeles Galaxy spokesperson Chris Glidden on homophobic puto chant at their Pride Night

Dr. Travis Bradberry posted an interesting article on LinkedIn about the seven core beliefs of great bosses. He says that, “Great bosses believe in their people, and this belief drives them to create an environment where people thrive.”

In words continue to matter, comedian Samantha Bee found herself getting stung after using a vulgarity to describe Ivanka Trump. While there was a rush by some to compare what she said to the blatant racist tweets of Roseanne Barr the day before, the false equivalency did not lead to Bee feeling the sting of having her show cancelled.

As may of you know, I started running about a year ago. In that time I have gone from not being able to run for a minute to hitting 7 kilometers this morning. To mark the one year anniversary of my getting off the couch, I am going to be participating in the Pride and Remembrance Run on June 23. I would be grateful if you would consider sponsoring me for this run. Beneficiaries this year include the LGBT Youth Line,Canadian Lesbian Gay Archives, Women’s College Hospital Transition-Related Surgery Compassionate Fund and the Pride and Remembrance Foundation.

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Pablo Alborán featuring Piso 12 – La llave

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