What Caught My Eye This Week – February 17, 2018

What Caught My Eye This Week


I’m not a gay Olympian. I’m just an Olympian. And now I’m an Olympic medalist and I happen to be gay. It has nothing to do with how I got here. It does help to have nice eyebrows, though. ~ Olympic Medalist Adam Rippon

While many LGBT people have won Olympic gold medals, this week Canadian figure skater Eric Radford has become the world’s first openly gay Winter Olympic gold medallist. He told them media,“I take it seriously that I can deliver a powerful message and hopefully inspire other gay athletes.” #OutAndProud #OhCanada

Edelman released their 2018 Trust Barometer. The survey that trust in the United States has suffered the largest-ever-recorded drop in the survey’s history among the general population. Richard Edelman, president and CEO of Edelman said, “The root cause of this fall is the lack of objective facts and rational discourse.”

The Swiss tennis maestro, Roger Federer, will return to the top of the ATP Tour ranks on Monday as the oldest man to do so. He truly is timeless and the Greatest Of All Time. #GOAT

What I’m listening to.

Julian Taylor Band – Glass House

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