You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup

Self Care Saturday


At a recent leadership summit, one of the presenters read a quote that continues to resonate with me.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.

As leaders we are always giving – of our time, our experience and in countless other ways. If you don’t look after yourself, the cup will run dry pretty quickly. We have to remember that self care is important too.

Last summer, as my cup was running dry, I decided that I was going to make Self Care Saturday a reality at least once a month. I was still going to look after myself every day, but this one day was going to have a little extra.

At first it sounded really decadent. Drop the Ace off at doggy playcare, get a haircut, see my massage therapist, have a nice lunch out (my cheat meal for the week) and maybe do some shopping. Then I realized, why does it only have to be once a month? Self Care Saturday needs to be a weekly thing. Sometimes it’s just making sure I get to the gym for the Saturday morning BodyPump class or spending the afternoon with a latte, rum chocolate almond croissant from Cluny Bistro and a good book. I just finished reading, Before I Go To Sleep.

Now, after a few months of making time for myself on Saturday I find that I am in a better place when Monday inevitably rolls around. I am ready and able to once again give of myself to my team.

What are your self care tips?